A place that becomes a Destination.

A journey that becomes an Experience.

We are a boutique firm specialising in strategic consultancy for tourism: we aim at providing the best results through innovative solutions which are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients.

From initial research to the creation of the final product, our team is ready to support you with tangible actions which will ensure the success of your company, both nationally and internationally.





Our training paths are aimed at empowering tourism providers to become masters of reception and revamp the image of their territory. Our programs revolve around the implementation of the touristic experience, from the discovery of the potential of each destination and its re-branding to the creation of high-added-value travel solutions.

Tourism training

Analysis and development

Our work focuses on territorial and touristic strategic planning. We study the territory through a thorough analysis of its requirements and potentialities. We identify the funding opportunities available to turn our clients’ vision into reality.

We design unique touristic experiences, attracting targeted tourist flows and remodelling the touristic offer of the destinations. From Wine & Food tourism to craftsmanship, from sport to cinema: every activity can turn into a soul-enriching experience. Expirit is the control room of every show that turns the spotlight on the most fascinating gems of hidden Italy.

Experience and festival design

Integrated communication and digitalization

We define and plan marketing strategies to optimize our clients’ presence in the tourism market. We take care of the creation of web portals, social media management, as well as the creation of guides and maps.

We also offer specialized software for the integrated booking of tours, accommodation and museum pass.



Mentoring and e-coaching helpdesk for the development, marketing, promotion and internationalization of innovative touristic services. We strive to increase the competitiveness and the entrepreneurial know-how of local tourism purveyors through tactical guidance and dedicated tools.


We Study

the territory, its tourist demand and offer, the latest trends. Data is our compass

We Plan

the vision, strategy, the governance, actions, establishing a participatory dialogue with institutions, companies and the local community

We Implement

all the steps to be taken to transform territories into sustainable and happy destinations

We Measure

performance and the achievement of objectives, also using the latest generation artificial intelligence tools

European funds.
The future is in your hands!.

We create communities happy to host. We work side by side with communities to make city guests feel “temporary”. We do this by experimenting social innovation projects that start from the bottom and that focus on the needs and expectations of those who live in these places every day.

Art residences, forms of widespread hospitality, community hubs. The territories that rely on Expirit choose to become laboratories of innovation and of the future. This is why our projects respond perfectly to the guidelines of the European funding programs (direct and indirect funds) and our company is also involved in transactional cooperation projects.


The idea of tourism has undergone a drastic transformation in recent years. Today’s traveller seeks a unique, authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This is the reason why we decided to bet on the experiences market, providing advanced technologies and focused courses. We also authored the widest in Italy and abroad for gastronomic, cultural, outdoor, craftsmanship experience models.

Smart Village

In an ever-changing world, new demands must be anticipated.

Expirit is proud to author Italia Smart Village, the first national network of municipalities and tour operators tailored to smart workers. Here, working remotely becomes an extraordinary economic and social opportunity. For both those who work and for the hosting community.


FAREBorgo in the new Festival of Italian Villages by Expirit!

FAREBorgo is craftsmanship!

The goal is to highlight the tradition and uniqueness of the village, through the social interaction between different generations and cultures.

FAREBorgo is networking!

It is the result of the joint work of Expirit and several local groups, each with the objective of creating a network of contributors to the development of their own village through the Festival.

FAREBorgo is hospitality!

It involves artists, travellers, and industry experts, who all add to the unique atmosphere of the village in an extravaganza of synergies and innovations.


Bon Voyage!

Choosing to entrust the revamping of your destination to Expirit means embarking on a new path with a trustworthy travel companion. Expirit is not (only)

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Anna Olivucci
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"Giacomo Andreani is first of all a gentleman and a visionary, which is rare these days. Working with him and his team on the movies-focused itineraries in Marche region was not only a successful functional experience, but also and mostly a life-changing adventure, for all of us. And this, is what true travelers are seeking."
Claudia Santancini
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"Excellent team lead by remarkably brilliant Giacomo Andreani. Their undisputed expertise in the tourism sector makes them leaders in the field. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such innovative, knowledgeable, and practical people."
Steven Dillman
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"Simply the best! From Germany to Autenthic Italy… Unforgettable experience!"
Ilenia Catalini
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"Great organization and attention to detail."
Sonia Latini
Read More
"Everything was planned down to the last detail, an authentic experience. An event to be redone!"
Samuela Salvucci
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"I spent a magical evening with Giacomo and his Expirit. I would recommend it to everyone, young and less young, men, women, couples or singles. Thank you for this unique experience."
Roberta Giustozzi
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"Young and well organized, this team will lead you to discover our land in a unique manner."
Filip Vavrek
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"My body is in Slovakia now, but my heart is in Le Marche. Thanks so much Expirit!"
Letizia Antico
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"I took part to “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, an event which started with a feast of local produce set among the olive trees in the countryside around San Severino, and ended laying under the starry sky, rocked by the sound of a violin. It was meant to be a unique, surreal moment, and it was indeed. Everything was designed with attention to details and sensitivity. It was a well-deserved pampering cuddle. "
Marco Patuelli
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"Simply amazing!"
Anna Muraro
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"A youth-led startup, they organized a nice event to showcase the beauties of our country and promote local enterprises. Well done, guys!"

The beauty of our villages, of our lesser known Italy should not be invented. It simply needs to be seen.

G. A.


Engagement of the local community

Passion for the villages and the Authentic Italy

Ambition to innovate

Tangible results



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