Our world revolves around villages, inland areas and lesser-known destinations. Lands that are less visited, almost running the risk of abandonment, yet characterized by a unique potential and charm. Suffice to say that 72% of the over 8.000 Italian villages house less than 5.000 inhabitants. Yet these are extraordinary areas, treasure chests filled with artistic and natural gems.

Our team has a very clear goal in mind: “create destinations” that offer travellers unprecedented experiences and promote the development of the beauties concealed in hidden Italian villages.

We achieve this by developing tourism strategies together with the locals; training local purveyors to guest reception; and creating unique travel experiences that convey the beauty, stories, and unique qualities of these lands. We plan integrated projects by making use of the EU resources, rigorously analysing the territories, and using highly technological tools.

Expirit addresses the destinations that bet on tourism as an instrument of growth. This is our commitment: to defend the right to enjoy the beauty, the history, the dignity of these treasures.

It is indeed possible to believe in a new Italy: one that is aware and sustainable; one that turns tourism and culture into essential tools of advancement.

For us and for all.


Expirit is an innovative start-up with a social mission: to cherish the hopes and address the needs of the communities who populate the hidden face of Italy, by adopting tourism as a sustainable engine to restart the present and the future of these territories.

Research and the constant outlook towards the future are our core values. We operate as a hotbed of travel cues for all the destinations in Italy that have a story to tell.

We work in partnership with local authorities, tour operators, tourism purveyors and accommodation facilities to promote the identity, traditions, and beauty of our territories.

Competing in the current market requires a team with the highest skill set in every specific field. We are happy to be able to count on their talent and enthusiasm.