Sibillini alla riscossa

Start date: November 2017
Role: Project Management
Overview organisation of a region-wide high school contest with the purpose of favouring the tourism revitalisation in the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake, through the designing of travel experiences and promotional videos by the students.

DMC Piana di Lucca – Travel to the future

 Data di inizio:February 2022
 Ruolo: Project Management
 In cosa consiste: Creation of the Destination Management Company (DMC) of “Piana di Lucca” territorial area with the Municipality of Lucca, in partnership with the University of Pisa.

Media Valle Experience

Start date: October 2021
Role: Project Management
Overview: Creation of the tourist enhancement network of the municipalities of the “Media Valle del Tevere”.

MaMa (renewal)

Start date: July 2021

Role: Project Management

Overview: Specialized training and integrated communication for the network of 55 municipalities in the Province of Macerata.

Potenza Picena Smart Village

Start date: July 2021

Role: Project Management

Overview: Co-design of the Potenza Picena destination for digital nomads.  

Cuore di Marche

Start date: March 2021
Role: Project Management
Overview: Creation of the brand that unites the 12 municipalities of the Montana Potenza Esino Musone Union and the tourism promotion web app.