Bon Voyage!

Choosing to entrust the revamping of your destination to Expirit means embarking on a new path with a trustworthy travel companion.

Expirit is not (only) a boutique consulting and training firm specialising in tourism. Expirit is above all an exciting journey to the discovery of the identity of lesser-known Italian realities. A trip we want to take together with you!

Who has embarked in the journey:

  • communities: those who live in small Italian villages have the chance to rediscover their origins and approach the “traveller” with curiosity and without distrust. Their villages gain economic and cultural wealth, confidence in their own potentiality and future and can learn to look at the world with new eyes and to project themselves outside, aware and proud of the uniqueness of their characteristics;
  • travellers: the experience in these small villages represents a precious stimulus for travellers – and for our society in general – to rediscover the taste of relationships, the feeling of well-being that comes from paying attention to others, the ability to notice who passes by.

We want to make this journey into sustainable tourism with our Italian communities and tourists, amidst the beauties, difficulties and challenges of our country.

We are ready to walk this path together with you, representatives of the institutions, operators in the sector, citizens who are ready to get excited and fight for something they believe in!

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The foundations.

Roots are an essential element for the success of a destination. They correspond to the sense of belonging to a community, to the active participation in it and to the passion for a territory, together with a shared will of working closely to make it prosper.