Cittaducale Experience

Start date:  September 2019
 Role: Project Management
 Overview: Project for the promotion of the tourist offer in the town of Cittaducale (Rieti), a jewel of a city, ancient residence of Margaret of Parma.

Cittaducale is a town in the province of Rieti, counting 6,700 inhabitants.

Despite its landscape beauty, exquisite gastronomy and highly valuable cultural sites, as the Roman site of Aque Cutiliae, tourism has always had a marginal impact on the local economy.

Longing to reverse the situation, the Trade Association and the city administration decided to invest in the enhancement of their assets, and especially highlighting the skills of local purveyors, who have taken on a leading role in the decision-making of a tourism development strategy.

Expirit’s first step was the creation of a defined brand for the town: a defined logo channelling the concept of a new type of tourism.

Subsequently, the local operators took part in a training programme on experience-based tourism, which led them to the mastering of the creation and upselling of their own tourist offer. The training included modules regarding tourist reception and guest relations management.

During the tutoring path, a serious shortcoming became evident: the lack of well-structured tourist offers designed by the municipality, which was not only damaging the attractiveness of the destination, but also its accessibility.

In order to bridge the gap, Expirit, supported by the expertise of classical philologist Elena Santilli, designed three experiences, addressing different targets and setting them in varied scenarios. One of these tours – Cittaducale Borgo gioiello di Margherita d’Austria – was also promoted as an educational tour, and positively reviewed by numerous tour operators and national bloggers.

Visiting Cittaducale today means mindfully delving into the tastes, the culture and the history of this town, guided by a community that is both proud of its origins and willing to share its culture with visitors.


  • Creation of a town brand
  • Creation of 3 experiences to live in the town
  • Training of the local community

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