Cuore di Marche

Start date: March 2021
Role: Project Management
Overview: Creation of the brand that unites the 12 municipalities of the Montana Potenza Esino Musone Union and the tourism promotion web app.

The demand is moving towards a new way of conceiving travel, which avoids the chasing of all the attractions and crowded places and which prefers outdoor activities, capable of creating connections with local people and their culture (Booking, 2020). For these reasons, and also considering the tourism potential of this area, the project has the ambition to consecrate a new travel idea, based on three main reasons:

  • well-being (so-called wellbeing): as a search for physical and mental well-being, considered in its holistic dimension, which can be found in slowness, and therefore in the ability to enjoy the moment;
  • freedom: the journey becomes a means to escape from the “routine” and to overcome one’s limits;
  • sustainability: traveling becomes a conscious and responsible choice of attention and love for the environment, as well as a desire to build an authentic relationship with the communities and their local products.

The project identifies three transversal principles:

  • Accessibility: the ability for visitors to physically and digitally access the natural and cultural heritage of the area, and understand its complexity (cultural permeability);
  • Networks and synergies: the will to weave a network strategy that embraces public and private entities, and which relates the factors of interest to the territory;
  • Transformativeness: the ability of a journey to transform both the traveler and the community.

In a nutshell, we want to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the natural and cultural heritage;
  • Integrate local services (heritage, food and wine, crafts, hospitality);
  • Use ICT to enhance communication, information and tourist accessibility

To do this, we implement the following actions:

  • Creation of a web app for the provision of information and digital services with DMS (Destination management system), interactive and searchable by the user, usable by smartphone, developed in Italian and English;
  • Creation of textual and photographic contents (points of interest, art and culture, sport and nature, food and wine, hospitality, experiences, tourist packages, etc.);
  • Development of an innovative and integrated tourist offer, through the realization of public dissemination and territorial animation meetings, aimed at tour operators and productive and economic realities, aimed at obtaining new contents (experiences) to enrich the tourist experience ( tastings, craft workshops, workshops, etc.). Therefore, an innovative formula of collaboration between local economic actors takes shape, made possible by the DMS software;
  • (Digital) tourism consultancy desk through the creation of a mentoring and e-coaching platform for the development of innovative tourism products / services, marketing, promo-marketing and internationalization, dedicated to local tourism actors with practical advice, information and tools to improve entrepreneurial competence and increase its competitiveness. The digital counter is aimed at hospitality operators, restaurants, farms, those of typical crafts, managers of cultural sites, territorial promotion associations, etc. and aspiring operators. The topics covered by the specialist consultancy are tourist hospitality, experience design, communication (online, offline, copywriting) and promo-marketing (pricing, channels and tools, internationalization, etc.).

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