Destination Insiders #4

📣 Cultural tourism and overtourism: 70% of incoming tourist flows travel to the 1% of the territory. In 2019, 70% of the 115,2 million foreign tourist only visit nine arts cities.

📣 Fondo Cammini Religiosi, green light for the official catalog. A new decree for the constitution of a catalog of all Italian spiritual paths has been issued. The catalog contains the first spiritual paths that already meet the official criteria.

📣 Agri & Slow Travel Expo is back: focus on rural, slow, active and sustainable tourism. The 8th edition of Agri & Slow Travel Expo has been presented. An international event for tourism that will take place from March 31st and April 2nd at “Fiera di Bergamo”. An unmissable event for rural, slow and sustainable tourism lovers.

📣 Federturismo: tourism is ready to take under its wing PNRR projects that are not feasible in other sectors. Federturismo Confindustria expresses concern regarding the actual use of the PNRR funds used for projects outside toursim.

📣 Agrigento to become Italy’s 2025 Capital of Culture. The city will succeed Pesaro, 2024 Capital of Cultura.

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The foundations.

Roots are an essential element for the success of a destination. They correspond to the sense of belonging to a community, to the active participation in it and to the passion for a territory, together with a shared will of working closely to make it prosper.