Destination Insiders #6

💡TikTok and traveling: a study in the US reveals how social networks have a say in the world of tourism. TikTok is alwys the most popular among the younger generations, who are looking for inspirations for their travel experiences. But how much does it influence on the choice of a destination or a hotel? According to a US study, it does so significantly.

💡Business travels grow exponentially: an analysis by Uvet.

💡Naples, an app to guide you through the great tradition of Neapolitan music. Called ‘Prendi Nota Napoli’, it is an audioguide in two languages, dedicated to the city and its significant places, to be discovered through its music, from the Renaissance to the era of popular music.

💡What’s going on with Alto Adige and its limited tourism quotas. A proposal by the tourism department. A quota will be issued with a maximum number of tourists in the whole province. And private tourism operators will not be allowed to arrange more lodgings, not even for short stays.

💡Sardinia, a proposal for a new classification of sustainable hotels. A new label for sustainable hotels and a small bundle of incentives for organized tourism.

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The foundations.

Roots are an essential element for the success of a destination. They correspond to the sense of belonging to a community, to the active participation in it and to the passion for a territory, together with a shared will of working closely to make it prosper.