Discover Piana di Lucca

Start date: February 2022

Role: Project Manager

Overview: Creation of the Destination Management Company (DMC) "Piana di Lucca" territorial area with the Municipality of Lucca, in partnership with the University of Pisa.

The Piana di Lucca is a Tuscan territory that unites the municipalities of Lucca, Capannori, Altopascio, Montecarlo, Villa Basilica and Porcari.

Our mission is to develop a DMC, that is an organization that deals with creating, promoting and marketing a tourist destination, through a project of national importance, capable of enhancing the widespread cultural heritage of each Municipality of the “Piana di Lucca ”and make available the information and quality services that the territory as a whole offers.

Piana di Lucca, travel to the future is a project that first of all passes through a new connotation of cultural heritage in an immaterial dimension and conceived in terms of a cultural macro-area. In this vision, everything that constitutes a testimony of civilization (stories, legends, traditions, food and wine, crafts, etc.) is a cultural asset. We therefore intend to contribute to developing a new vision of tourism as a “generator of culture“, which translates into a new offer that aims to integrate also with the products and services of the Cultural and Creative Industry, and to innovate and rationalize information. local tourist.

Tourism also as a “generator of well-being“, capable of improving the quality of life of the host community. Create belonging, inspire values ​​and emotions, generate a desire for “hospitality”. “Hospitality” as an indispensable value, as in ancient Greece, where it was considered sacred. In fact, it was thought that the guests were sent by Zeus, whose epithet really meant “protector of the guests”.

The project realizes a wider-ranging synergy, capable of combining the actions that the Region of Tuscany is implementing in the promotion of tourism, and of sharing what has been done by each local authority on a tourism level; as well as to create a platform of dialogue and interest for all operators in the tourism supply chain (from accommodation to incoming tour operators) which could be enriched in the future by further functions.

In order to develop an organized and qualified system of hospitality and tourism promotion, the project is shared, inclusive and implemented in synergy with local tourism actors, in a widespread manner. This implies involving and creating relationships between the various subjects, training the subjects of the territory, conveying the varied range of products and services to the traveler with originality and defining an integrated offer promotion system.

The project actions

  • Destination audits and relization of a coordinated system to manage the IAT network;
  • Analysis, technical coordination, project coordination, data management and data processing of the tourist movement pattern of the Piana di Lucca destination;
  • Construction, organization, promotion and marketing of the offer of the Piana di Lucca destination.
  • Realization of the Discover Piana di Lucca portal
Presentation of Discover Piana di Lucca, the project’s destination marketing website.

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The foundations.

Roots are an essential element for the success of a destination. They correspond to the sense of belonging to a community, to the active participation in it and to the passion for a territory, together with a shared will of working closely to make it prosper.