Homo Faber

Start date: October 2019
Role: Technical consultancy
Overview: designing, development and sale of experiences and itineraries to the discovery of Marche food & wine and craftsmanship workshops. In partnership with Regione Marche, CNA and Globe Inside.

“Reveal the invisible”: this is the motto that – borrowing the concept from our friends at Amavido – we have coined to highlight the mission of the project.

Indeed, the project aims at bringing to light the many farms and craftsmanship workshops in Marche.  How? By the creation of specialised tours and experiences, and their online reselling through a DMS software connecting craft enterprises and local accommodation facilities, restaurants, guides and tour operators. A network dedicated to a new type of tourism focused on craftsmanship excellences.

The concept of Homo Faber – Le Marche del saper fare, strongly wanted by Regione Marche, was thought to address the tourism purveyors in Marche, as a tool to strengthen their competitiveness on the tourism market.

We took care of the experiences design and the local entertainment by engaging over 500 operators. We also authored the widest database in Italy and abroad for gastronomic and craftsmanship experience models. Each purveyor was listed with the specification of their products and the possible experiences to be designed with their partnership.

We also compiled the experience-based tourism disciplinary report, based on two leading factors: the quality of the experience provided by purveyors (in terms of authenticity, uniqueness, transformational potential, etc…) and the feedback received from the tourist.

Homo Faber is the first integrated management system of experiences bookings in Le Marche. By signing up on the platform, regional purveyors gain access to their own members’ area. Here, they can upload their tailor-made workshops and tours, and sell them directly to a wide network of buyers, skipping any middle person. Purveyors are also able to offer dedicated promotions for the guests of local accommodation facilities, tour operators and travel agents, and settle whether to receive the payment online or on-site. They can also decide whether to accept, decline or change the dates of the reservation, through a user-friendly messaging system.

This project, that we proudly promote, is a small revolution within the travel experiences market.

We are thrilled with the positive reception registered not only from businesses in our area, but also in the whole national territory, which recognized the project as a tool for the promotion of rural areas, as well as the gastronomic, wine-making and craftsmanship sectors.


  • Over 500 Marche businesses in the gastronomic and craftsmanship sectors involved
  • First integrated management system of experiences bookings in Marche
  • www.marcheospitali.it

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Marche Cinema

Start date: June 2019
  Role: Project Management
 Overview: Designing, development and sale of experiences and itineraries to the discovery of Marche movie sets. In partnership with Marche Film Commission (Fondazione Marche Cultura) and Regione Marche.

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