Macerata. I libri diventano viaggi

Start date: September 2021
Role: Project Management
Overview: Creation and promotion of itineraries linked to ancient books.

“Macerata. Books become journeys” is a vision and at the same time a site for transforming the most significant books kept in the territory into experiences to discover the hidden charm of the city and experience this land in an original and exclusive way.

We believe in book-induced tourism as an innovative and unique form of tourism. This is why we propose to transform books into journeys with a thousand emotions where you can become the protagonists of exciting and engaging stories, retracing the salient places of the book.

This tourism trend presents itself as a recent phenomenon, at the crossroads between territorial and experiential marketing, particularly effective due to the potential for appeal that has always been expressed by literature. The aim of book-induced tourism is to broaden the range of the tourist offer towards differentiated and innovative tourist markets, but also to raise awareness, within the local community, of the wealth of the existing book heritage and its potential to strengthen the attractiveness of the territory.

Aiming for the literature-culture-tourism synergy means believing in a further possibility of disseminating and promoting the city brand as a whole, through a profitable study of the link between literature and the “genius loci” of a territory. And if you really want to be receptive and ready for the “new tourism” – meaningful expressions of new and more recent motivations, goals and travel savings – you cannot help but focus on the imagination offered by books and on its usability as an aspect by no means marginal to the culture of this land.

The project involves the creation of tourist itineraries connected to the work “ASTRONOMICUM CAESAREUM” by Pietro Apiano capable of combining and enhancing, in a critical way, cultural sites of citizen interest and making visitors experience an exciting story. The common thread of the itineraries is the discovery of the way to interpret the sky and time from the sixteenth century to the contemporary one, with a focus on astrophysics, the paper arts and international sculpture. Centrality is given to the enhancement of the Mozzi Borgetti Library.

We also deal with the storytelling of tourist itineraries and the creation of a video presentation of the project, in Italian, English and Chinese, aimed at promoting tourism in the area involved.

We are convinced that this project, contaminating different dimensions of the local cultural heritage, can represent a “best practice” for tourism not only regional, but also national and international, for the rediscovery and enhancement of the heritage preserved in ancient libraries.

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