Marche Cinema

Start date: June 2019

Role: Project Manager

Overview: Design, development and sale of experiences and itineraries to discover movie sets in the Marche region. In partnership with Marche Film Commission and Regione Marche.

Marche was and still is one of the favourite movie sets for Italian and international studios. Both “Leopardi” and “The Son’s Room” were shot in the region.

Nonetheless, despite the high level of interest created by film productions, a dedicated tourism offer has never been designed.

Movie-induced tourism” is a recent concept, developed from territorial and experience marketing, and characterised by a strong appeal directly derived from the appreciation of movies. The goals of this new type of tourism are, on one hand, to increase the region tourist offer towards innovative and differentiate markets; on the other, to raise awareness towards the existing wealthy movie heritage and the future potentiality of the territory, which – if recognized and managed – can be a crucial tool of attraction.

Following these premises, Expirit, in partnership with Marche Film Commission – office of expertise at Fondazione Marche Cultura – started the designing of an actual cluster dedicated to movie-induced tourism in the region.

We acted as the point of connection between studios and the tourism market, by turning movies into thrilling journeys where cinema-lovers can become the leading characters of fascinating stories, and travel through the locations of the shootings, meeting the actors on the set.

Just like directors, we created stories and plots (itineraries) and we carefully selected locations and actors (our tourism purveyors). We also officialised specific contracts between production companies and the tour operators interested in the marketing and sale of various itineraries.

The final result was the creation of an organized system developed through the direct engagement of tour operators and local purveyors which participated in the creation of highly innovative experience-based tours and itineraries.

Thanks to the creation of this services network dedicated to cinema enthusiasts, we are going to address a new national and international tourist demand, particularly suitable for low season.

“Marche Cinema” is today a universe of experiences, itineraries and narratives focused on the genuine and exclusive discovery of the hidden charm of Marche.


  • Position the Marche region as a benchmark destination for ‘cinetourism’ at a national level
  • Definition of contracts between movie productions and national and international tour operators, the first strategic move in Italy.
  • Design of di 2 movie tours e related experiences
  • Public presentation of the project at the 2019 Ischia Film Festival
  • Promotion of the project on the main media channels, particularly “La Repubblica”

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PIL – La Bellezza in bicicletta

Start date: November 2021

Role: Communications Manager 

Overview: Integrated web communication for the “PIL – La Bellezza in Bicicletta” project, for the Municipalities of Tolentino (lead), Corridonia, Petriolo and Mogliano, in the province of Macerata, Marche.

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Monte Santo B&B diffuso

Start date: November 2017

Role: Project Manager

Overview: Development of a widespread hospitality network within the town of Potenza Picena, that is the realization of the first form of widespread Bed&Breakfast in the Marche region.

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Books become journeys

Start date: September 2021

Role: Project Manager

Overview: Design and promotion of itineraries linked specific cultural properties, in particular ancient books. An initiative promoted by European project Adrinetbook, in collaboration with the Municipality of Macerata.

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