Melodie e armonie delle Marche

Start date:  May 2019
 Role: Project Manager
 Overview: Designing and development of an exclusive series of tastings and concerts at dawn, sunset or night, in the setting of fascinating farms in Marche. In partnership with Coldiretti Marche.

Marche boasts a landscape of unmatched beauty and a rich gastronomic tradition.

Nevertheless, not many farms organize events for tourists and countryside enthusiasts. Some might have set up an e-shop for their typical products, but rare are the ones that actively promote experiences and tours.

Melodie e Armonie delle Marche was a small revolution in the gastronomic and winemaking tourism sector in our region.

The Festival was structured in a schedule of 8 live events taking place in the most breath-taking farms in the region, each of them owning a characterizing trait. The events were held during the most evocative hours of the day (dawn, sunset or night) and offered young local emerging artists the opportunity to perform in natural settings, as well as enable their audience to the discovery of several musical genres (pop, jazz, rock, vintage rock, classical music and Italian songwriting).

The festival, which gathered about 2,000 participants, added value to the relaunch of internal areas of Marche, by highlighting the “great beauty” of the regional countryside and its gastronomic delights. Special attention was given to the areas that were hit by the 2016 earthquake. The theme that inspired the events was the rediscovery and reclaim of the territory, by making available the most highly evocative areas of the local culture.

The creation of good cooperation practices among companies and artists allowed the possibility of launching new editions of the Festival, applying its same structure to other regions in Italy, with the necessary changes to tailor the events to each different location.


  • 8 Events organised
  • About 2,000 participants
  • Valorization of Made in Marche

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