PIL – La Bellezza in bicicletta

Start date: November 2021

Role: Communications Manager 

Overview: Integrated web communication for the “PIL – La Bellezza in Bicicletta” project, for the Municipalities of Tolentino (lead), Corridonia, Petriolo and Mogliano, in the province of Macerata, Marche.

The PIL (Progetto Integrato Locale) La Bellezza in Bicicletta (‘Integrated Local Project’ – Beauty by Bike’) project aims at fighting back the economic and occupational crisis with effective resources and in a timely manner. For this reason, the Municipalities of Tolentino (lead body), Corridonia, Petriolo and Mogliano developed a tourist offer that focuses on conscious travel and cycle tourism.

The PIL operates within the broader area of the GAL Sibilla (‘Sibilla Local Action Group’), which comprises the major urban and industrial territories of the Province of Macerata. Moreover, these Municipalities are also part of the 2016 ‘Earthquake’s crater’.

Support from private and public institutions is the key towards the creation of new job opportunities in the sectors of reception and services for cycle tourism, also thanks to the close relationship of our territory with the Adriatic Cycle route and the support of the Cluster Bike project, promoted by Regione Marche.

Expirit has been entrusted with the digital communication of the project, promoting in an accessible and easy way all the news and the several opportunities offered through the PIL.

More specifically, our services focuse on:

  • creation and management of the project’s social media channels;
  • planning and realization of a multi-channel communication strategy

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Marche Wellbeing

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Role: Project Creator, Project Coordinator

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Montecreto +

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Homo Faber

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